Animal Jam Codes for 2016

Codes are needed to get the most out of Animal Jam. New codes come out every couple weeks and can be used for free gems and other new items! I’ll try to keep this list of codes updated as they expire and new ones come out. Feel free to comment if you know any new codes that I don’t have on the list!
If you need more gems to buy items or you are tired of trying to earn gems by playing games, try the list of codes below. These codes have been tested to work and will unlock different items and gems. Each gem code can only be used once per player so use them wisely.

The list of codes below has the newest working animal jam codes for 2016. I try to keep the list up to date so if any codes are expired let me know. The Animal Jam codes list was last updated December 2016. The newest code listed below is gifts. I will add more unexpired codes for 2016 as soon as they come out, thanks for looking! Ovacheats
**Update** I went through and tested every code listed below and cleared out all of the expired ones. The list is shorter now but all of the codes should be 100% working. If you know any new working codes please post them in the comments!

5 Tips To Play Trials Frontier 3.2.2 For Long Hours

Trials Frontier 3.2.2 developed by Ubisoft, the most popular bicycle racing game series is available to on your Android device to play and enjoy. In Trials Frontier 3.2.2, you can race motorcycle upon a few of the craziest paths. The overall game, although free to play, but has a few in-app which need purchasing to play the game for the unlimited time.  As it is a typical type of series available in, a different operating system for smartphones, Trials Frontier 3.2.2 for Android offers a few very good graphics quality.


As the online game is totally free, you have to purchase in-app buys if you would like unlimited time to play this game. If you are currently totally hooked up on Trials Frontier 3.2.2 and wish to improve rapidly and never have to dip into your wallet, adhere to these types of 5 important ideas to perform this for long hours without spending your hard earned money Google Play Codes Generator.

1: Restart the track

This has become the greatest bit of guidance you will hear about Trials Frontier 3.2.2, when you fall from your motorcycle, instead of restarting in the final checkpoint, you can reset the track through pushing and keeping lower the arrow at the very top right.

2: Time count

Aerial acrobatics are just helpful when you are requested to do all of them. The main thing would be to cross the solid finish line as soon as possible and to feed all of the intermediary factors.

3: Overcome obstacles

It is evident, but it is crucial to be an expert,  distribution of weight on a bicycle is vital. Free google play gift card This is exactly why in several circumstances, you have to change your own character’s pounds towards the entrance from the bicycle in the correct location and also the proper period.

4: Spend Money on right time

Just like various free-to-play video games, among the developer’s processes to allow you to purchase credit would be to cause you to wait around. To prevent this hassle, just update your motorcycle at the end of the game.

5: Prioritize the mission

In ongoing updates, when you visit a mission updated through the boy that enjoys acrobatic flips, take this. These types of quests assist you to develop a new bicycle, while using plans a person gather, not to mention, this is a necessary action if you wish to improvement in the game of Google Play Codes.